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Exclusive Addons

BuildWebsites with Exclusive Addons

Building a website from scratch can feel like an impossible task, but with the right tools it’s totally doable. (“If I can put together Ikea furniture by myself, I can build a website.”)

You want to start building your own website, but you don’t want to spend hours hunting down the right plugins and extensions.

Introducing Exclusive Addons for Elementor, the perfect toolkit for website builders who want more features and flexibility.


Exclusive Addons is back on Appsumo for only a few days...

This page shows off many features of Exclusive Addons and was made to help me better undestand the tool for my YouTube video on the deal

Exclusive Addons Review

Elementor is a popular WordPress page builder that’s loved for its user-friendliness and wide range of features.

With Exclusive Addons, you can take Elementor’s capabilities one step further by adding extra modules and options to your pages.

This plugin is perfect for anyone who wants more flexibility when creating their websites.

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Create eye-catching visual elements to showcase featured products in the best ways to create buzz.

ExclusiveAddons is committed to giving you rich experiences on the web with the WebGL plugin, so you can make your website more attractive and interactive with stunning animations.

You can access the templates of various website building types from portfolios to blogs, sign-up pages and sales pages.

In addition, Exclusive Addons comes with a WooCommerce Builder that lets you “create single product pages for your ecommerce site.”

Exclusive Addons makes designing your ecommerce website (or just regular website) EASY! 


Widgets such as Cursor Follow, Text Scroller, Smooth Scrollor, and Image Grid, enables the website to create more engaging experience for the users.

Widgets like Animated Text, Animated Picture, Floating, and Animated Lottie, let you add beautiful animated designs to your website.

Elementor Pro
$ 49
Per Year
Elements Kit Pro
$ 39
Per Year
Exclusive Addons
$269 $ 49
One Time (LTD)
Number Of Widgets
100+ Basic & Pro Widgets
85+ Basic & Pro Widgets
108+ Basic & Pro Widgets
Number of Blocks and Templates
300+ Basic and Pro Templates
500+ Blocks and 30+ Templates
800+ Blocks with 30+ Templates
Premium Support
Lifetime Deal Available
Top Selling Feature
My Opinion
The team at Elementor is behind Elementor Pro (large company)
WPMET has a lot of established plugins and ElementsKit Pro offers anything you'd need building a website.
Best overall value offering most widgets, blocks, WebGL + WooBuilder delivering an insane deal if you can get the LTD
My Pick Today

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With Exclusive Addons

Exclusive Woo Builder offers complete Woo Commerce support. With Exclusive Woo Builder’s drag-and-drop builder, you can easily change the layout and structure of any page without having to touch a single line of code.

Expansive Library

Get access to 100+ widgets and extensions, 800+ readymade blocks, and 3000+ high-quality icons and 30+ exclusive templates


The WebGL plugin features widgets that deliver an interactive experience with your website visitors with an easy to setup WebGL plug-in.

Exclusive Woo Builder

Easily build an online store with Woo Commerce premium drag-n-drop widgets helping you finally build that e-commerce store of your dreams.


Thanks for checking out my demo page!
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pricing details table for exclusive addons ltd via appsumo
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One Code

The only difference between the codes is how many websites you can install Exclusive Addons with an active license

Buy Now

The only difference between the codes is how many websites you can install Exclusive Addons with an active license


This is a fantastic deal with a ton of features.  It has absolutely everything I could think of needing when building a website.  The animation/interactive features are high-end and definitely a 2022 web design trend.  I’m no coder and had no problems making this page look pretty advanced…  

I did it in an afternoon (same afternoon as picking up the tool and making a YouTube video…)

To be honest, most people will never need or use a lot of “premium” features when building their website.  If you’re tight on funds, this may be a deal you pass on.  Do note that they have plenty of free widgets available, so installing for FREE doesn’t hurt and you can always upgrade to premium later (it’ll just cost more).

I already own ElementsKit but Exclusive Addons delivers a better overall package in my opinion so when it came back to Appsumo, I decided to scoop it up.  I’m undecided if I really need more than 10 licenses but if I do upgrade, it’d only be one code (100 sites) because I do have other deals that I could use should I ever need more than 100 licenses… 

If this is your first premium widget plug-in then ask yourself will this be the only one you buy (if yes, then unlimited becomes attractive).