How To Make Scroll Stopping Social Media Posts (3d FB Video Effect) With Viddyoze

Today we are looking at how to create scroll-stopping social media posts.  We will be using Viddyoze templates on an Alpha Channel to overlay a post that resembles a Facebook Post.  The Facebook Post was created in Canva and is currently 100% FREE – No opt-in required.  If you want more stuff like this in the future, my email list is the best place to get access to templates, tutorials, reviews and more as we continue to grow our aiPROFITz online business.  

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Why Do Scroll Stopping Social Media Posts Work?

Scroll stopping social media posts work because they look like typical social media posts but have a 3d element to them that catches the viewer by surprise.  The 3d effect should pique interest but also keep the viewer looking at the short video clip to see what is underneath it.  It is also good practice to write a compelling description with a clear call-to-action and leave a call-to-action in the first comment.  By stopping the scroll, you get your brand and your message in front of your audience.  If you use catchy or creative 3d overlays, you can also create heightened engagement by drawing the viewer into the comment section to comment on the effect.  

Facebook Social Media Template for aiPROFITz

How Do I Update The Canva Post?

The Canva Post can be customized however you like.  All you do is navigate to the template, upload your profile picture and style the post according to your brand.  You can edit or adjust the likes, comments, post itself and make the social media post look and feel like it is something typical of your brand.  I would recommend creating a post as you typically would, and then simply adding that post within the social media template from Canva.  This way, it looks real but the 3d scroll stopping effect adds an extra dimension to your standard content.  Don’t overuse 3d social clips on your account but feel free to try different effects and see which ones generate the most engagement and convert into clicks.  

How To Create The 3d Effect

Today we are going to be using Viddyoze to create the 3d Social Media Effect.   It is important to select a template that has an Alpha channel (transparent background).  If you find a template that you like that does not have a transparent background, you may be able to use a “Green Screen” as the background and then remove it by keying the green color out in your video editor.  Once we create our video template, we simply apply the effect over the social media post we created with canva.  You can also use Renderforest and take advantage of their many 3d animations using the “Green Screen” effect mentioned above.  I have a video down the page under the “Ads” section where I use this and demonstrate Renderforest and the Greenscreen Effect.

The social media post that we create as a background will appear like any other social media graphic.  Once the 3d effect is applied, however, our post is transformed into a video and the video will stop the scroll to bring attention to our post.  

Like anything, this is a trial and error game.  I have had great success online using this effect and I encourage you to try it out before it becomes over saturated with people doing it.

FB Post Mock-up on purple background

Can I use Scroll Stopping Effects For Ads?

Yes!  But you must remove all brand-assets.  That means you can’t use things that look like social media posts (Facebook Like Buttons, comments, etc. – anything mimicking the social network).  Failure to remove brand assets will likely result in your Ad being rejected or getting pulled.  The effect itself still works quite well, but the space underneath the effect needs to be creative enough to mimic a social media post, but not violate any terms on any of the social media sites.  I am still testing and learning specifically about what you can get away with and what causes problems, but my understanding is that anything that looks like FB/IG will not be approved.  Other things are fair game as long as what you are promoting does not violate the ad policies on the platforms you are advertising on.

Ideas on using Scroll Stopping Social Media Posts elsewhere online.

Social media is the obvious place to use these video clips, but it is far from the only place.  You can use these on your website, as GIFs in emails or in comment sections, and even as text messages or inside of messaging apps like Messenger.  These effects are fun, can be customized, and ad a unique element to your content.  In addition to that, scroll stopping social media posts are relatively new, allowing you to take advantage of the “newness” before they become “overused” and make people “blind” to them.  I’m not sure if that will ever happen, but if it does, and you take action creating these effects today, you will likely have tremendous success as they gain in popularity.  We are always looking for the next best way to capture attention online and scroll stopping clips are very effective at the start of 2021.  

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