Warm Welcome vs Sendspark Vs Quickpage Product Comparison, Reviews and Demo

Today we have a video battle showdown between Warm Welcome, Sendspark and Quickpage.  These three video tools are currently available in the Appsumo store as lifetime deals.  I own all three of these deals and I am enjoying them all!  You can check out my each of my in-depth reviews on this page but the purpose here is to dive deep and figure out what each tool is aiming to solve and who their ideal customer is.  

Depending on your use case, you could very well prioritize any of these tools as the best option for you.  While they are being compared as similar tools, and they are, they are distinctly different.  First we will look at Warm Welcome, followed by Sendspark and last we will look at my personal favorite, Quickpage.  

Impress your contacts with a Warm Welcome

Warm Welcomeis an alternative to BombBomb and VideoAsk and encourages conversation through attention grabbing video bubbles and video business cards.  The main purpose of the Warm Welcome is the communication back and forth through video, audio or text.  People can send questions or comments to you through these tools and you can respond through video, adding that extra special touch. 

All of these products cater towards video email, but Warm Welcome tends to serve as more of a messaging platform back and forth through the aforementioned video, audio or text communication options.  These three options (video, audio, text) allow for video conversations if your clients are up to it.  If I had to guess, most communication would probably come in as text that you can reply to with video.  Even so, it is likely to impress someone you come across and for that reason alone I imagine it would net a positive ROI.  The video bubble is pretty cool and can be embedded in your email signature or as a widget on your website.  

The Warm Welcome video bubble, most notably as a website widget would be the TOP reason I would recommend warm welcome.  This is more unique than a chat widget, but I personally cannot speak to its effectiveness in comparison to a standard website chat widget.  

smiling man wearing warm welcome shirt

Adding the video bubble to your website or perhaps even behind the scenes inside a membership or course back-end could be a unique way to stand out in your market.  Forum signatures, switchy links or email signatures are all in play.  Embed your video bubble and I expect at least ONE of your prospects will be impressed enough by the warm welcome you provide to return a positive ROI on this one-time-payment lifetime deal of just $59 or $138.  

Video playlists allow you to showcase your team or even video testimonials.  Acquiring these video testimonials is always easier said than done, but if you can make use of the playlist feature, you will likely see a positive result in your sales.

Warm Welcome ranges in price from $69 for one code to $138 for two codes and if you can swing it, I think two codes is the no brainer because it unlocks unlimited on most of the features with 50gb of storage.

Forget Loom, Sendspark gives a very similar experience with one-time pricing!

Sendspark is a video tool that puts videos inside of emails.  All these tools do that though, so let’s see what makes Sendspark unique.  

Sendspark excels in its simplicity.  It is an easy and effective way to share your screen or send a quick video to your team or clients.  This can reduce your need for a zoom or video call and can streamline your work.  You can even embed your sendspark videos on your website making it ideal for simple courses or video training that you send new clients or as a part of standard operating procedures.

Sendspark is an alternative to Vidyard and Loom.  This shows you what they are looking to do, where they are looking to go, and why you might need a tool like Sendspark.  Pricing ranges from $39 to $399 with storage and workspaces being the unique selling proposition of this tool.  I would recommend at least 2 codes if you can swing it, because it unlocks unlimited total videos and significantly more storage and workspaces.

I could see using Sendspark for the video storage and ability to separate your clients or teams/departments into different workspaces.  I think they are going after this team dynamic but you could also acquire video testimonials, make videos for courses or even build a business around the workspaces.  The custom cname will be a welcome addition when it is complete and the support is truly fantastic.  They have an encouraging roadmap and I will be keeping both codes that I purchased.

Close more sales with Quickpage

Quickpageis my favorite of these tools.  The main reason being it is unique and can make me money.  All three should theoretically improve your bottom line, but Quickpage is marketing directly as a sales tool for sales professionals.  I love the fact they are already established in the automotive and real estate industries and I think that should ease anyone’s mind about the sustainability of the project.  There is always risk to Lifetime Deals but with quickpage you are getting a tool that already has recurring income and plenty of proof it works.  

Quickpage is an alternative to Bombbomb and Covideo but it should not be viewed as just a video tool.  This is a sales tool that happens to use video. Pricing comes in at $59 for one code, which should work for most people, however you can stack this up to 3 codes for just $177 which is perfect for most teams.  I got one code for my local business, however I am buying one additional code strictly for aiPROFITz.  That’s right, I’m going to use this for my online business as well.

The video component of the tool is done very well and you even get unlimited captioning – an impressive feature on its own.  Livechat, live notifications and Email and SMS integrations make this a secret weapon for sales, however video playlists that support YouTube videos open the door to so many more use cases.  My favorite feature is the ability to embed your quickpage directly inside of an email.  I think that is ridiculously cool and will be remarkably effective.

Quickpage has a ton of amazing features, most of which are unlimited as a part of the Appsumo deal.  The Appsumo deal is different from the automotive or real estate versions of the tool, however, I’m not sure what the exact differences are.  I do not see any limitations within the deal and think it is a ridiculously good offer.

chart breakdown between sendspark warmwelcome and quickpage

Let’s break down the three tools based on my observations. 

You do not need all three, but they have different approaches and visions as to who they want to be.  I am most encouraged by Quickpage, personally – but I do not view it directly as a video tool.  For that reason, I think there is great benefit to also picking up Sendspark.  Warm Welcome delivers the video bubble and if you are looking to brand yourself with video or provide better customer service, I think it is worth the investment.  Quickpage also does a video bubble that you can embed in your email signatures and direct to the quickpage, which can offer amazing customer service through live chat.

It is impossible for me to know where you are in your journey or what business you do, but each of these tools boast features that should help just about anyone in one way or another.  For purely video uses, stick with Sendspark.  For customer service or branding through video, go with Warm Welcome.  And for a unique awe-inspiring sales experience, grab Quickpage.  

Hopefully, this article has helped you understand a little bit more about what each of these tools has to offer and assists in your decision.  If you do choose to pick one up, doing so through the links on this page helps me out at no cost to you! 

Any questions?  Leave a comment and I’ll do my best to answer!

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