SEO Competition Analysis Tool Review​

Today we are looking at the Audiit SEO Competition Analysis Tool and reviewing how it can get us to Page One on Google.  Personally, I have always found SEO to be difficult to navigate, mostly because it is a bunch of technical bologna.  Audiit breaks through the fluff and helps break down what you need to do to show up on page one of Google.  Currently, they are running a $47 lifetime deal that is available in the Appsumo store. Review

Clicking a link on this page may help support aiPROFITz at no cost to you (when possible, I use affiliate links).  All thoughts are 100% honest from my point of view and this is meant to share my experiences building an online business.  If you choose to pick anything up via my link, thanks in advance!!  

What are the best SEO tools?

The best SEO tools are the tools that you use.  Many people spend a lot of time looking at features and weighing the options on the market, spending more time researching a good tool than actually using the tool or doing the work necessary to product the articles that help you rank on Google.  Audiit aims to be the best SEO tool for on-page audits but breaking down exactly what your URL or keyword needs in comparison to the top 20 results on Google.  There is nothing special about this tool from the sense of “magic sauce”.  No fancy artificial intelligence or advanced woo-woo SEO magic.  It is no-frills, and for that reason, I think it excels in it’s mission of delivering an audit of your URL and making suggestions on how to improve your rankings. is an On-Page SEO Audit Tool

Tools like SEMrush are far more advanced in their On-Page SEO checker analysis.  They are also significantly more expensive.  Audiit analyzes the sites that are currently ranking, concluding that if it is ranking then it must be working.  It is a “do what they do but do it better” type approach.  Forget all the fancy features or the expensive monthly recurring payments.    

The Audiit SEO tool gives you a complete On Page analysis of what is working for any keyword and with the Appsumo deal, you get unlimited searches.

Audiit is a quick way to audit your URL against the competition.

If you have ever done “research” for SEO purposes then you have dealt with the issue of going back and forth between browser and spreadsheet, checking your article stats against those on Google.  Audiit does this for you in seconds.  Audiit helps you save time and delivers exactly what it says it does.  It is quick, reliable and helps you focus more on content creation and less on the technical aspects of SEO.  


woman working on a macbook

Why select Audiit instead of the other SEO Tools on the market

There are so many SEO tools that I’m not sure anyone can keep track.  Artificial intelligence is only going to exasperate the number of SEO tools on the market and eventually it might make all of these tools completely useless.  Until then, I think a tool like Audiit has a place due to it’s ease of use for people who don’t want to take the time to learn about all the advanced features that many tools offer.  If you are a bells and whistles kind of person, then Audiit probably isn’t for you.  Instead, Audiit is for people needing to see where their URL stacks up and get back to work inside their business or creating content.

One of the main factors I picked up Audiit was to support Chris M. Walker, the founder and and absolute SEO Superstar.  He is actually the founder of the Superstar SEO Academy, a resource that helps provide the tools and training necessary to start a profitable and successful career in Internet marketing.  They cover SEO, Facebook Ads, PPC, Video Marketing, E-commerce, Social Media Marketing and more.  I’m not in the program, but I do know Chris to be a man of great value and I imagine his trainings are top-notch, no-fluff and no exaggeration.  I am a member of Profiit Academy Daily + enjoy checking out his YouTube channel and livestreams.  

chris m walker

Chris also founded, a freelancer marketplace built by freelancer marketplace.  What I love about Chris is the fact he is a real life case study.  He has great vision and if he sees an opportunity in the market, he takes it.  I have actually sold a service on Legiit and it is a great place to get started in your Work From Home or Make Money Online journey.  

Do you need if you have

I own and I purchased, but I do not think everyone needs a tool like this.  What Audiit can do is take a quick look at a URL vs a Keyword and provide some basic recommendations on what you need to do to rank.  Frase is far more complex and honestly, I’m a bit intimidated by it.  I use it because I bought it but sometimes I think that the perceived complexity of SEO keeps me from trying to write articles and rank them.  Maybe I’m just making an excuse here.  With, I feel like literally ANYONE can use this and improve their rankings.

 I occasionally run into local businesses who want to show up on the search engines.  They don’t want true SEO nor do I offer true SEO – that is “what the SEO agencies offer”.  I view audiit as an AMAZING TOOL to show them exactly what they need to do in relation to the search term they want to rank for.  You can make a mini training course with a tool like Sendspark and then send it to them for “what to do when adding a new page”.  Of course this would require them to either pay you a fee when you product their Audiit Report or you could recommend the tool for them to purchase outright.  The whitelabel reports (excel sheet) make it easy for you to add this as a service offer and make a few extra bucks for poker night. gives you a Topic Score, Questions and Related URLs.  It has far more features and also includes a content brief and the ability to automate content briefs and write your content within the tool.  I view Frase as a much more complete tool designed to help you product better content, while Audiit is a very specific tool designed to help you Audiit your content.  Frase might be a bit too advanced for some people, myself included, wheras I think virtually anyone can understand and process what Audiit is telling you to do.  

audiit averages content score content analysis

For that reason along, I see value in both, especially if you work with clients and don’t want to overwhelm them.  I do not think people who own Frase and use it all the time necessarily need a tool like Audiit, however.  A lot of people who follow aiPROFITz are fans of Appsumo and buy a lot of different LTDs and produts from the store.  Most of your clients and people in the “real world” – for lack of a better word – do not have multiple tools and aren’t even aware of Appsumo.  So if you are asking this question, most likely the answer is “No” but Chris M. Walker, the founder of Audiit is a great guy and he knows a thing or two about SEO in a real world setting and he uses this tool for himself and his clients, and that is good enough for me to take the plunge!  

Audiit works off 10 ranking factors

There are 10 ranking factors that analyzes.  It provides total word count, keyword use, keyword density, keyword in URL, Keyword in Meta Title, Keyword in Meta Description, Keyword in H1 Tag, Number of Images, Alt Tags With Keyword Present and Image File Names.  

audiit report info

Let’s Demo Audiit with a real-life walkthrough of the tool.  I will use this article here with the goal of somehow ranking for the search term “ SEO Competition Analysis Tool Review​”.  I have learned quite a lot about SEO over the years but I am very self-conscious on my abilities to actually rank.  Mostly because I have fallen trap to thinking you need tools or special tricks to rank, instead of just sucking it up and writing more relevant content and producing a lot of it.  

I find ranking YouTube videos to be way easier than ranking articles, but ultimately that is because I have started the aiPROFITz YouTube channel and have actually put in the work learning how to do it.  Through my aiPROFITz journey, I am using this website as a real world case study to hold myself accountable, and prove that anyone can make money with tech.  Audiit’s 10 ranking factors make the task of SEO much more manageable for me and if this article happens to rank, that would be an AMAZING FEAT.   I have full confidence in the tool but only time will tell…

Let's Look At The Audiit SEO Tool Dashboard

Audiit SEO Tool Dashboard

Inside the Audiit SEO Tool Dashboard we see two simple steps to running the tool.  First, you must enter the keyword for the search term you are looking to Audiit.  Second, and this one is optional, you may enter a URL of a site you want to Audiit against the main search term.  

audiit search pending

When your run your search it will take about 30 second to a minute to crunch the data and spit out an Audiit Report.  

results from search of keyword
audiit ranking factors for aiprofitz blog article

Here we will see the top 20 search results on Google for our keyword.  We will also be able to analyze our URL against it and see the averages of the search results.  At any time we can hit the red X and delete an irrelevant search result, like from a listing site or a search result from a domain with high authority but low relevance.  We can also see how our article stacks up inside the tool.  

audiit averages for our keyword

On the last tab we can get recommendations from the Audiit SEO tool on the best ways to optimize our URL.  This is a great first step and should greatly help ensure our on-page SEO is not too different from what is currently ranking on Google. 

We can also download the report, which will be a spreadsheet file that is white labeled and can be sent to a client or used within our workflow of producing SEO optimized content.

From the Audiit Ranking Factors report, we see that we need to increase our overall wordcount to at least 2021 words.  We also need to reduce the number of times the keyword appears on the page, which means the keyword density would also need to go down.  Personally, I’m not sure if this is the best demo of the tool because my search term does not exist on any of the sites that currently rank for that keyword.  If I had to guess, that would make it pretty easy for me to rank for but probably a low volume search.  Audiit is a fairly new tool and if it ever developed into something with a large userbase, this would obviously change. 

Early on, I think getting some easy rankings like this will help  Time will tell. 

From the report, it also looks like I need to reduce the keyword in the H1 Tag and add more images.  The average top result contains 43 images, while I only had 9 images at the time of writing this.  I knocked out a couple of the “SEO TOOLS” search results and the image count came down a bit to 28 images.  That is still a significant number higher than I originally planned and frankly, I’m not convinced that adding a bunch of images to this page will help it rank.  Then again, I’m no SEO pro so off to PlaceIt I go to create more mock-ups for our article.   

How Much Does Cost Originally

audiit pricing

If you miss-out on the Appsumo deal and still want to take advantage of page-one rankings through Audiit, then you can sign-up for one of their three monthly subscription plans.  The basic plan costs just $9 per month and allows you to run 10 reports each month.  If you need unlimited reports, you can get access for $67 per month while if you need somewhere in between you can sign-up for the Engineer Plan and get access to 25 reports per month.

My Final Verdict On

I definitely think this holds value at the $47 price point offered on Appsumo, if for no other reason that it’s simplicity and it’s willingness to effectively spit out a simple to follow formula for SEO rankings.  If it works just one-time then I think you get a decent ROI and if it works repeatedly, we’re talking about a fairly small investment with a chance at some pretty significant returns.  

Will it work for me?  I believe so, if I use it.  Using these tools is most of the battle and the pure “intimidation” factor that many tools bring with it makes that an even truer statement.  It definitely works for Chris and  his clients and he is someone who I respect and look up to in the make money online, freelancer and entrepreneurship community.  Chris does things the right way and he wouldn’t put a tool like this on the market as a cash grab or as something that he didn’t firmly believe in.  

As a bonus for making it to the end of this review, I have put the 10 ranking factors in an interactive checklist (made by Kuicklist).  You can use this each time you write an article or come back to it from time to time to make sure you are hitting these ranking factors within your website development or blogging workflow.  No opt-ins required!  Just a final call-to-action to subscribe to the aiPROFITz YouTube channel if you haven’t had a chance and let me know of any questions you may have.  Feel free to shoot me an email, leave a comment on my video or send a Warm Welcome via my website bubble.  

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  1. so does it just do the foundation top 10 things ? compared to the top 10 or 20 ? but if the top 10 all do something wrong then audiit will tell you to do the same thing wrong as well ? the founder says he does not like to make suggestions but in that scenario suggestions are what are needed. So instead of following the top 10 doing something wrong , the software should pick up on that and along with the founders super experience of seo make suggestions to out rank the top 10 or 20 , otherwise it can only help you rank 1 under them surely ?

    why not have a look at labrika for us ? you can try the free trial ???
    and what about firing up BIQ cloud again ?

    1. Yes – it is very simplistic in its approach. It lets you remove sites in the top 20 of google if you know they have irrelevant content or are a listing site like yelp that provide no value but are there because of authority. It is not going to pick-up on if the sites are doing something wrong, but rather average the search results together and provide guidance based on that basis. If all the sites do something wrong (like what is typical on local SEO) then it will provide the wrong reccomendation on what is “optimal” per all the SEO gurus but it will give you what it deems necessary to outrank for that given keyword.

      I purchased Labrika over the weekend and am planning on a video this week – busy week for me so it may be Saturday before it comes out. BiQ is working better now but still isn’t giving 100% what it should based on things that I know to be true regarding search terms and whatnot. Audiit is trying to solve one simple problem, BiQ is trying to solve them all. Labrika looks promising but I haven’t dug in yet – I thought I was going to max stack BiQ but now I’m probably just going to keep my one code to watch and see if it improves and if it does and I can stack it then I will later.

  2. I see this page is not ranking for “ SEO Competition Analysis Tool Review​” yet,
    even with exact words put in google, but it does show your video..

    1. My blog articles haven’t indexed yet – including the audiit post. Once it does it should rank – but who knows when that will be. This is a new site with 0 authority and I haven’t done any SEO on it outside of installing Rank Math last week and submitting to search console.

  3. thanks for the replies, I am total newbie ( do not even know what indexing is ) and am trying BIQ and labrika, support has been great from labrika and am slowly starting to use it, although not experienced I sense that labrika is very good, and they are planning a standalone content creation aspect..I am hoping to start writing some content and then have a tool analyze after a few paragraphs are written and suggest what keywords to go after and other suggestions instead of just starting out with one keyword.. I will look forward to your video on labrika as you have some experience even if not a professional. Maybe you can ask BIQ to introduce keyword difficulty as the keyword value seems more of a gimmick.
    I think the best way to succeed in SEO is to BRIBE GOOGLE, as surely more than user experience they would optimize for google profits.!!.
    Your videos are quality and you produce neat websites.thanks

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